Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware DJ Shorty T aka “TJ” began demonstrating his passion for the Disc Jockey craft in 1984 when the music scene was enriched with this urban art form. Manipulating sounds and music became his priority from 1988 on. DJ Shorty T began a radio career fairly early and has spun records for high school, college, and commercial stations such as: Mount Pleasant High School radio (1993-1997), WVUD 91.3 (UDEL), 91.7 WKUD Philly (Drexel) & Mixmaster Weekends (2005-2007) on WJKS 101.7 Kiss FM (Delaware).

Shorty T is well known and respected in his home town and has colleagues everywhere that hold his work in high esteem once they’ve seen him in action. He often gets called a legend of his own craft due to the fact not only is he good, but he teaches people along the way to be better people. Daily Shorty T opens his “Green Room” aka “The Basement” for fellow DJ’s to show skills, teach one another, and trade crates. Other times producers debut tracks for the DJ’s to cut to as well as singers singing and rappers rhyming to beat juggles. Shorty T has about a city full of youth and friends that he’s touched and taught through the life he leads and passion for his work and talents.

On the other hand most of his respect did come with another price. Shorty T was a Top Ten U.S. East Coast finalist for 4 consecutive years in the DMC tournament from 2003-2007. He was also 1st place in the Guitar Center competition 2001-2005. Shorty also has concert work behind him, including but not limited to KRS1, Dougie Fresh, Poor Righteous Teachers, Kwame, Brand Nubians and Meek Mill. The technical skills that impact his craft mostly are Scratching, Beat Juggling, & Needle Dropping. Shorty says “I drop hits back to back keeping the dance floor moving with high energy.” He prides himself on staying competition ready by always practicing his craft and staying ahead of the curve in every aspect of his business.


Now the head of his empire in the making, DJ Shorty T Entertainment, Shorty T spins regularly for concerts, parties and also streams live via internet.  Follow him on twitter @DjShortyT.